Our Year in Review – the most successful year yet for W Insight! 

2021 turned out to be the most intense and successful year for W Insight so far. We attracted the highest number of unique visitors to the site to date. We published several extensive interviews with role models from all over the world. In addition, we experimented with formats and launched new communication channels with you.

In 2021, we started a YouTube Channel called #OffTheRecord by W Insight, where I sit down with emerging leaders from various fields and, in informal discussions, ask them about all the things we want to know but are sometimes afraid to ask.

Just recently, we added a new opportunity for you! You can now sign up for our newsletter and never miss a single interview on the platform. 

We also started sharing non-traditional posts, including the publication of women-oriented art.

Global organizations have noticed our work. For instance, the Newmark J-School selected me as one of 20 international journalism entrepreneurs to participate in its entrepreneurial journalism creators program. I am part of the current Fall 2021 cohort and develop W Insight under the support of media and entrepreneurship experts and mentors, for which I’m incredibly grateful.

Apart from that, some of the #OffTheRecord discussions were held live as part of the Venture Cafe Warsaw gatherings of entrepreneurs in Warsaw, at the Cambridge Innovation Center, which was an opportunity to share some insights in person. The discussions can be viewed online at our YouTube channel.

That’s not the first time we attracted interest and received validation from global players. At the end of 2020, I spoke at the Digital Immersion Week in Poland organized by the Financial Times. I shared our experience running W Insight with publishers of local media outlets in Poland. 

Everything we have accomplished would not be possible without the hard work and support of the W Insight Team and Friends, including the wonderful editors Phyllis Budka and Diana Asatryan, IT contributor Krzysiek Dunin-Wasowicz, translator Aga Rogowska and artists – Kasia Gerula and Kasia Skoczylas

I recently asked W Insight Editors – Diana and Phyllis to share their thoughts about 2021. This is what they said:

Diana: “It’s always very rewarding to contribute (even marginally) to a project driven by a clear vision and passion. W Insight has a clear vision: to empower the next generation of female leaders. And the passion shines through every single interview.”

Phyllis: “Being part of W Insight’s Team and seeing the site grow is a joy. Learning the story of each entrepreneur highlights the learning process that can contribute to someone else’s inspiration and success.”

I’m also immensely grateful to the W Insight mentors, who help W Insight head in the right direction. First, I would like to thank my mentor Jan Schaffer, the founder and Executive Director of J-Lab, whose incredible strategic support (as part of the CUNY’s program) helped our platform increase engagement in the past few weeks. 

I am also grateful to Andrzej Jacaszek, the managing director of ICAN Institue, a publisher of “ICAN Management Review,” and “MIT Sloan Management Review Polska” who has supported me with relevant advice and inspiration based on his extensive experience in one of the major business publications in Poland.

There were many more people who, in 2021 and before, supported W Insight with their kind words. I am so amazed and grateful for all they have done to grow the platform and for all the heart they put into this project. It would not be the same without them. 

Of course, I am also thankful for all the insightful discussions we held this year with extraordinary leaders from all over the world. I want to thank all the role models, who agreed to share their career experiences with us this year. 

I am also incredibly grateful to you – our readers, who regularly send me warm, kind, and lovely messages, always in the moments when I need that the most. I am so proud that our audience consists of loyal readers and viewers, who consistently consume our content and are our best ambassadors.

Please, stay in touch with us and please continue to share with us your thoughts about our platform. We are here for you! And we are here thanks to you.

Have a wonderful 2022!

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This summary was edited by Phyllis Budka

Featured photo by Tomek Gola

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