Editorial Money Talks

This is how we celebrated the IWD2023 (and our fifth anniversary)

March 8th was special for us. We celebrated this day by organizing a panel discussion on all things money and relationships.

We invited perfect guests:

  • Sara Koślińska, a founder of a money management app Limitless. She was listed on on the “Forbes 30 under 30” and “Forbes 100 Female Founders in Europe to Follow” summaries.
  • Maciej Jarząb, a founder of Braight Technologies, a company that offers an AI-based behavioral scoring technology , and a business angel.
  • Natalia Kocur, psychologist, sociologist and psychotherapist and a founder of a counseling centre MyAdapta

The panel was moderated by W Insight’s founder and editor Joanna Socha.

The speakers addressed multiple money and relationships questions and issues, such as:

  • Should we (even) talk about money?
  • When is a good time to start having money conversations in relationships?
  • Joint or separate accounts
  • Singles’ perspective: for example, the cost of running a household alone is higher, on the other hand, there is greater financial independence. How to balance it to achieve a financial security?
  • Prenup – hot or not?
  • Should you invest while in debt?

The panel (held in Polish) was followed by a short networking party, where we could taste great Georgian food and some sangria. The event was generously hosted by a coworking space Brain Embassy in Warsaw with BE members participating.

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