W Insight will showcase Ukrainian Superwomen in a new project!

I’m so proud to share that W Insight just started a collaboration with a young Ukrainian journalist, Tetiana Rak, who will interview influential women leaders from Ukraine for our new project.

“Ukrainian Superwomen” aims to highlight the stories of women leaders from the region, who – despite extremely difficult circumstances – want to make a better world. 

Tetiana, a native of Mariupol, worked with such media as BBC, Fox News, HackerNoon, and others. She is also one of the senior editors of SpeakFreely journal, an offshoot of the European branch of Students for Liberty. After Tania’s family managed to get out of the 3-months blockade of Mariupol, she started several initiatives dedicated to highlighting and documenting war stories. 

With this project, we hope to spotlight strength, resilience, boldness, and other features that define women leaders. And I cannot wait to share the outcome with you!

Stay tuned!

Photo used in the Featured Graphic was provided by Tetiana Rak

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