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Do you dream about a career in capital markets? We interviewed a woman, who knows all the insights

Milena Olszewska–Miszuris is a CEO of a boutique advisory company WM Advisory that supports the management of listed and non-listed companies. Before she launched her own business, for many years she worked as an equity analyst for brokerage houses. Her extensive career in finance includes sitting on a corporate governance committee on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Apart from that, she is behind the recently launched 30% Club Poland, working towards including more women at board and senior management levels. A valuations and financial analysis expert, Milena holds a CFA certificate and an ACCA, as well as a FSA Credential.

Milena Olszewska-Miszuris (private archives)

In an interview with W Insight, Milena discusses such topics, as:

  • Career planning 
  • Major challenges you can face when building a career in finance 
  • The right moment to switch to running your own business

And many more.

Please see the full interview below:

Video interview on the #offtherecord by W Insight YouTube Channel (Joanna Socha)

Questions asked: 

1. How did you approach career planning when you were starting out? Did you have a clear path from the very beginning, or were you making decisions spontaneously? (01:52

2. What were some of the major challenges you faced when working towards a career in the financial industry and how did you overcome these challenges? (04:49

3. How did you know when it was the right time to switch to running your own business? How did you know you were going to make it on your own? (07:43

4. You were involved in several women-oriented projects in Poland, and now you are behind the 30% Club Poland – initiatives aiming to improve the situation of women in finance and on boards overall. Could you talk a little bit about the situation of women in capital markets and women on boards in Poland? What trends do you see? How do you want to change them? (09:35

5. Imagine this scenario. Let’s say I am a CEO of an investment fund in Poland and I do not have many women on the board. It’s not like I don’t try – we post the job positions online, everybody can apply, it’s just there are more men applying for these jobs than women. Of course, I’m looking at qualifications, I’m not discriminating. I just can’t seem to find many women who want to work in this field. And I’ve heard that diverse teams are key to success but I struggle with building diverse teams. How can I change that? How would you advise me. (17:00

6. Let’s move to the subject of sustainability. It seems there is no business that has not heard about sustainability. Nevertheless, businesses still struggle with it. They talk about it, but do they actually take action? From your experience, as you work with businesses on sustainability, what are the key areas that need to be improved, both in Poland and elsewhere? (22:44

The talk was held during a Thursday Gathering organized at Cambridge Innovation Center in Warsaw on September 9, 2021

The note was edited by Phyllis Budka

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