She started her business with as little as 100 euro, today she runs an international fashion brand

Daria Bambalina is the founder of “Dash My Buttons!” fashion brand, today available at numerous prestigious stores, including Lafayette in Dubai, famous Polish e-commerce Answear.com and prestigious Warsaw-based boutique Moliera 2. She started by investing 100 euros in about ten t-shirts with little sketches made by her brother Ivan and original slogans. The T-shirts that featured such slogans as “Too broke for Vuitton,” “Yves Saint Love,” or “Too Pretty for Balenciaga” quickly became popular in Daria’s network and soon became a full-time business. Today, rather than relying on out-of-the-box slogans, the company focuses on providing high-quality and eco-friendly street style clothes that gained popularity, especially during COVID-19.

Before launching her own street style-focused brand, Daria worked for such luxury fashion names as Alexander McQueen and Monnalisa. A graduate of Polimoda Fashion School in Florence, Italy, Daria sat down with W Insight’s Joanna Socha to discuss breakthrough moments in her career and her approach to risk-taking.

Daria Bambalina (private archives)

Originally from Belarus, Daria also discussed the impact of the turbulent political situation on her career. She admitted that her approach to risk-taking was shaped by having no other choice. 

“I don’t have a country where I can return, because it’s closed and it’s terrible stuff going there. I can’t stop, because everything will stop. Actually, I know that not many people will help me with what I’m doing, so if I don’t do it the best way I can, then I will not survive. There are people dependent on me. There is family dependent on me, and (…) myself (…) and my dog (…) so when you don’t have something on your back, you take risks.”

Watch the full interview, where Daria also shares some time-management tips (actually, a good night’s sleep helps) and explains how to collaborate with well-known brands and celebrities in the industry.

See video:

The fireside chat was part of the Venture Cafe Warsaw event at Cambridge Innovation Center on July 15, 2021.

Summary by Joanna Socha

Edited by Phyllis Budka

Featured photo by Alvaro Soares/Venture Cafe Warsaw

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