Majority of startups fail, but it does not matter

Joanna SochaYou have probably heard this conventional wisdom, that nine out of 10 startups fail. Well, it is not true, according to Cambridge Associates, a global investment research firm based in Boston (they say it’s approximately 60% of startups that fail). The point is, no matter if it’s 60% or 90%. Still, the majority of startups fail and devoting yourself to your brilliant new idea might cost you money, time, and self-confidence. 

The women featured on W Insight took risks and decided to build something new. It was not easy and it was not always wise. But they made it and they are still developing their companies, earning money and, what’s the most important – wouldn’t change their minds. 

With W Insight they share their 4Ws (what, when, where and why) and describe how their lives have changed.

One of them, Klaudia Tolman, before starting ExplainVisually, (a company that produces multimedia content for such corporations as Orange, Credit Agricole and Pratt & Whitney) was doing 30 jobs – from a cleaner to the auditor in a corporation. But what she really wanted was to use visual thinking in her work, and working at a corporation didn’t allow her to fully realize her aspirations. So she left and now is earning money doing work she loves. 

What to do with two hours to kill in between classes? Karolina Demianczuk came up with an idea for a social app that was soon valued by investors at 3 mln dollars. In an interview with W Insight, Karolina shares her story of building a social media app, living in Silicon Valley and her plans to revolutionize the tech world. 

The idea of SPLT – a ridesharing startup – emerged when its founder Anya Babbitt got stuck in a Los Angeles hotel, with meetings booked across the city and no access to efficient and affordable transportation. Anya spoke to W Insight about the idea behind SPLT, its focus on sustainability and positive environment impact, as well as her career path as a woman entrepreneur.

The women in this 2nd edition of W Insight prove that it doesn’t matter how many startups fail. If you follow your passion and make a positive impact in the world, it means that the idea worked. This is, also, what I want to achieve with W Insight. Launching a website with emerging leaders sharing their stories can have a positive impact. I hope the articles we are sharing with you now will inspire you to try to change something for better. 

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