It’s about a “W” he loves.

W Insight will always be a portal primarily for women and about women. Our goal is to present brave female leaders, who are influencing their communities in a positive way. And while the feminine perspective will always be in the first place on our platform, we do not limit our audience and we do need the perspective of the other half of the population. This is why, we will be regularly posting different calls, to engage our male readers. In our first call, recently published on our social media channels, we asked men to share with us their story of the women they love. This is one of the letters we received.

I am a dad of two smart little girls. My younger, Asia, is 3 months old, and I’m already proud of her. And her big sister, Zosia, who has just turned two is already taking care of her little sister. Me, being so happily in love with my baby girls would not be possible if not thanks to their wonderful Mom, who happens to be my wife, and the greatest fascination of my life. 

Dorota has been inspiring me since day one, and it was way before we even got to know each other. We met through Tinder, we both were so skeptical to try, and the least believable source to look for a future wife (or husband). So yes, we met through the app designed for casual encounters. Neither of us actually wanted this to be casual. From the very first words, she wrote back to me, when I poked her virtually, her way of describing the world simply struck me. Since then, she doesn’t stop to amaze me. I fell in love with her because of the way she talks about the world, science, and medicine. She is a doctor. 

Three years ago I was becoming grumpy, working hard my way out of the troubles I got into by being too easy with things I should be more serious about, thinking that my life was a mess with nothing good on the horizon. I was becoming grumpy because I thought I was not worthy of happiness. Of love.

And when I met her, a week after we started messaging on Tinder, we couldn’t stop talking. When this fantastic evening in the middle of May came to an end, I think I already knew. One month later I proposed, and after two more – wearing our golden rings feeling awkward on our fingers – we were strolling the streets of Prague, making fun of it, equally disliking it. Someone said that being best friends is to dislike the same things. We totally do. 

We’ve been married for three years now. And do you know what’s the best about being married to this amazing woman, the fantastic doctor, the best of mothers to my little girls? It’s how we argue, when I realize how much I love her. It’s how she gets mad, when I know it’s because she cares. It’s how she says I should not do this or that, which drives me crazy, but I know she knows better and I obey.

At my home, the International Woman’s Day does not end, ever. I have always thought of myself as a feminist. Now, that I live with 4 females (counting the cat), I know I could not be happier.

The only thing I’m waiting for at the moment is to say to my girls how proud of them I am. And to hear “we’re proud of you too, dad!” back.

Piotr Bebenek from Warsaw, Poland

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