W Insight. What is it and why do we do it?

I remember the moment when I thought about launching W Insight. I had dinner with my friends, and after each of us talked about their day, I said how – after meeting my mentor – I felt I needed to do more. I was thinking about launching a blog for women and about women – as an extra project, which I would do “after hours”. But it would not be a career website, or a businesswomen’s portal, or a lifestyle blog. What’s original about it? – my friends asked me. After all, there are so many websites directed to women. So I did my research. There, in fact, are plenty of online sites targeting specifically a female audience and today you can read about almost anything – from career advice and corporate development paths to technology, travel, fashion, make-up, gardening, relationships, knitting, cooking. In this letter, I am not going to convince you W Insight is super original. But I am going to tell you what we are not.

We are not a business portal for women, although the women featured on our website do give business advice. We are not a lifestyle website, although the leaders we interviewed share their lifestyle inspiration. It is not an interview platform, either, even though we love interviewing women and presenting their stories in their own words. We are not going to complain, how hard it is for women to get to the top. Even though, for different cultural and political reasons, it is difficult. And finally, we are not a political platform and never will be. By sharing the stories of women, of different environments, ages, backgrounds, passions, their different ideas and vision for life, we want to build a community. A community of female leaders from all around the world, who talk about their lives, their paths and their choices. We want to inspire our audience and by featuring women with different experiences – encourage women and girls world-wide to make a positive change in their lives and in their communities.

What’s the most important – on our platform all women are equally important. We interview both accomplished role models and emerging leaders. Even though each of them has a different background and experience – all of them have extraordinary stories, which we share with you.

Finally, I wanted to explain what I mean by “We”.

There are four incredible women from three continents, representing two generations helping me with building this website. And this is the most original aspect of this portal. We are a cross-continental, intergenerational team of women working together to provide you the content we are proud of. And we hope you will find it beneficial, too.

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