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We are an independent portal directed to women professionals and experts in various areas. Our goal is to inspire female leaders and show them multiple paths to success by featuring women succeeding in various environments.

Started in March 2018 by four women from three continents and two generations, W Insight is a place for potential leaders to look for inspiration and concrete “how to” advice.

This venue addresses the woman’s perspective of climbing up the proverbial ladder in any sector, but we want to underline the solutions and positive stories of our heroines. The portal aims to underscore the role of female entrepreneurs, business owners, media figures, artists, athletes, activists, pop-culture and movie stars to create a platform where aspiring women can look for advice and mentorship. We want to build a community of women leaders who want to contribute to a positive change.

We will provide you with new, thoughtful interviews with brave women every month. We are just launching. But we want to engage you and want you to feel welcomed in our community. So please follow our social media channels and let us know what you think.

On Facebook, we will share with you excerpts of the interviews and updates on our development. This is the place where you can discuss and share your views.

Instagram – this is our platform for sharing daily inspiration.

And finally, Twitter: updates, news and great content from publications featuring women.

Stay in touch with us and let’s work together on building a global network of women leaders who share resources, tools and inspiration in various fields. And when you talk about us, use the hashtag: #womeninsight .

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